If we reach the campus, we reach future leaders.

Historically, the university campus has been a seedbed of culture shapers and world leaders – sometimes for good, sometimes for evil. If we reach them with the Gospel now, they will one day change the world for Jesus.

If we reach the campus, we reach families.

Statistically, people are most open to the Gospel during their time at university; and with every student reached, we see the potential to reach the entire family with the gospel.

If we reach the campus, we reach the world.

Culturally, university campuses are becoming more and more diverse, giving us a unique opportunity to reach the nations with the Gospel by reaching out to international students in our cities.

When we reach students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we are opening the door to so many good things for our world. Students start movements, and movements shift things. As our campuses’ values today become tomorrow’s societal norms, it’s imperative that we influence it with Christ-likeness. We are preparing tomorrow’s leaders with a Christian Worldview to bring revival and reformation to not only our nation, but the nations of the world. Taking the opportunities that university campuses offer, like available and trainable masses, students from all over the globe, and young people being open to new ideas, we are maximising a moment to establish the kingdom of God in many lives. Not only for those on campus, but also their families back home, as we see His Spirit empower them to minister in His power throughout the world.