When we plant new churches, we reach new people and new cultures.

Although some churches can remain relevant to emerging cultures, planting new churches is the primary way the church adapts itself to an ever-changing culture.

When we plant new churches, we empower new leaders.

Leadership emerges when there is room to grow. Churches that are top heavy in leadership have a hard time empowering young leaders, but new church plants enable church members to become the next generation of leaders.

When we plant new churches, we plant seeds of social transformation.

From new church plants spring new opportunities and creative ideas to serve the needs of communities and cities and see them transformed by the Gospel.


We support church planting through our ABC3 programme – Assessment, BootCamp, Coaching, Consulting, and Clusters.


The Assessment Centre is open to any potential church planter who plans to plant their church in the next 12 – 18 months.  It is designed to help them discern their calling to church planting by affirming their strengths and identifying weaknesses.

BootCamp (Every Nation Ministry School)

The objective of the Church Planter’s BootCamp is to give church planters practical skills that will help them break through current statistical norms by planting healthy, vibrant, and growing churches.


The objective of coaching is to help pastors and new church planters to develop their leadership skills in order to succeed in their given church context.


Once a church plant has been established, Every Nation provides trained consultants to help pastors grow healthy churches and develop strategies to effectively engage their cultures.


Clusters are regional gatherings of pastors and church planters with the aim of imparting vision, discussing best practices, and deepening relationships.